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Pre-release 0.1.3(2019-05-10)

New features

  • #199 Supports the custom status information of the service instance and collects more system status information. For details, please refer to: https://github.com/baidu/openedge/blob/master/doc/zh-cn/overview/Baetyl-design .md#system-inspect
  • #209 When the openedge starts, the old instance will be cleaned up (the residual instance is usually caused by the abnormal exit of the openedge)
  • #211 Added Python 3.6 version of the function runtime, using Ubuntu16.04 as the base image
  • #222 Docker container mode supports runtime and args configuration
  • Added a simple timer module openedge-timer


  • #201 When the function instance pool destroys the function instance, be sure to stop the function instance
  • #208 The openedge stop command waits for the openingge to stop running and exits, ensuring that the pid file is cleaned up
  • #234 The hub module posts a message waiting for the ack to time out and quickly resend the message.
  • atomic.addUint64() panics if the pointer to its argument is not 64byte aligned. ref: https://github.com/golang/go/issues/23345

Others(include release engineering)

  • #230 Release Baetyl 2019 Roadmap
  • #228 Release of the Baetyl Community Participant Convention