/* Title: Baetyl 0.1.2 Sort: 40 */

Pre-release 0.1.2(2019-04-04)

New features

  • Separate the agent module from the master and report the status periodically
  • Introduce volume to abstract resources in configuration and support existing images, such as mosquitto from hub.docker.com
  • Publish the command line and support background startup
  • Uniform configuration of the two modes, such as create a separate working directory for each service in native process mode
  • Introduce service replace module and support to start multiple instance
  • Support device mapping in docker container mode


  • Add openedge.sock clean logic
  • Upgrade openedge-hub, change auth logic of password and tls
  • Upgrade openedge-function-x, add retry logic and remove keep order logic

Others(include release engineering)

  • Rich test example support, such as for hub module, provide mosquitto configuration
  • All documents in English